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Guess Who's Back...Back Again...

Well, hello there!

First off, let me quickly apologize for being M.I.A. since March. As you and the rest of the world know, it's been a crazy year. Our last blog post was right before everything hit the fan and from then on, things looked a lot differently. Just to update you on how Twelve31 Media is doing, we had an amazing intern during the spring semester and ended up having to meet virtually each week to stay on task and continue her learning. While it wasn't as fun as meeting in person, we got a lot accomplished and Megan (our intern) was able to still gain experience and knowledge in the realm of digital marketing. Which, ironically, we should all understand the importance of functioning digitally this year.

I'm not ashamed to admit that after the month of March, we saw a couple setbacks. Our hospitality clients were struggling to stay open and afloat and typically the first thing to go are marketing efforts (still trying to understand this). With businesses being closed and people forced to stay home, I focused my time on learning, reading and helping others.

I had the pleasure of speaking to current Coastal Carolina University students about how I started my business, the pros and cons and everything in-between, and how they should always go after what they want in life - no matter the roadblocks. It felt amazing to shed some light to our future leaders because I wasn't given that specific real world guidance when I was in school. You just don't learn this in the classroom. The opportunities these days are endless and if I knew then what I know now, well, I'll just leave that there. :)

Since networking and referrals are a large part of my business, not being able to see people, shake their hands, and make those connections was tough. We transitioned to Zoom meetings and events (I did get one client out of a chamber of commerce virtual meet-up). While not as fun, it's still important to show your face and stay in front of potential clients, customers and hey, even new friends.

Fast forward to the end of summer and WOW, our business is booming. We tripled our monthly income, added four new clients and have offered services to a couple one-offs. People are going back to work, moving to our area and investing in real estate. With hardship comes reward - I truly believe that. The tunnel may be long and dark, but the light will surely be worth finding in the end.

We can't wait to share some updates on the work we are doing for our clients. If you are interested in taking your marketing efforts to the next level and ready to invest in professional help, we are here for you. Be well, stay safe and keep hustling!

Margaret H. Geiger

Owner + Founder

p.s. The picture I included in this blog post is from a recent photoshoot for a real estate client. And yes, that's me on a flamingo float. Hey, if you aren't having fun while working, you aren't doing it right!

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