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Facebook Advertising: An Essential Part of Your Online Strategy

Most of us that have Facebook are now using it for practically everything - keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world, reading the latest news, selling unwanted items, finding the best happy hour spot, or just scrolling through our newsfeed to pass the time. Facebook has 1.18 billion daily active users, with people spending on average over 50 minutes a day using the app. Why not use the outlet to garner more potential customers? It’s easier now more than ever to use technology to your advantage and further your marketing strategy with a proven method like Facebook Advertising.

With Facebook ads, you can target a specific audience that is most valuable to your business. You choose the content you wish to share such as photos, videos, slideshows, select your desired budget, create your custom audience with specifics demographics, and then analyze and optimize those results based on performance. You can promote your brand, generate greater engagement, increase traffic to your website, convert website visitors to make a purchase, generate leads, increase video views, and much more. It sounds like a lot, because it is.

Your overall social media presence allows you to broadcast what it is that makes your business unique on a more personal level, and allows for the opportunity to form relationships with your customers. Creating quality content will entertain and inform users so that they may consider your offer, form that relationship, and purchase your product or utilize your service. Stop wasting time and money on traditional media. Everyone is on their phone - making connections AND purchases. Put your business in the palm of the hands of the consumer.

At Twelve31 Media, we specialize in social media marketing. We build a personalized plan to fit the goals of each business; walking you through exactly what it will take to get you where you need to be. Advertising on social media is the most cost effective form of advertising today. We work with budgets of all sizes and create custom content that generates results. Stop throwing money out the window. Let us help.

Contact us today and we’ll get started on your marketing plan.


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