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Social Media 101

This may seem silly to most, but you'd be surprised how many businesses are not utilizing social media to grow, increase traffic and generate leads. I recently taught a Social Media 101 class for small businesses that had no idea about the power of social media as a source of promotion, advertising and simply, an outlet to tell their story.

If the below tips and tricks can help you and your business in any way, then I've done my job. Leave a comment if you have any neat tricks of your own for those looking to get started. The learning never ends no matter what business you're in!


  • Brand identity

  • Target market/audience

  • Expertise

  • Reviews and client/customer testimonials

  • Engaging content

Knowing who you should be targeting will save you time and money. If you are a wedding dress designer, you aren't going to target your ads to men (now rings that is, would be a clever idea!). If your business is a retirement or active adult community, you aren't going to target millennials. It's always best to have a business and/or marketing plan prior to spending any money on advertising so your campaigns accurately reflect your goals and objectives.


  • Who are you and what is your story?

  • Business and contact information

  • Profile picture – headshot or logo

  • Cover photo or video – can be a logo or visually appealing image/graphic/video and should be updated/changed at least once a month

  • Invite your friends and colleagues to like your page

  • Start posting!

You set up your page. Now what? It's important to build your following by letting the friends you already have know that you have a business page. Putting money into Brand Awareness ads could be a great start as well if you are looking to build an audience quicker.


  • PAGE – This is where you post and interact with your followers

  • INBOX – This is where you respond to inquiries/messages from followers

  • NOTIFICATIONS – This is where you get notified when another page or one of your followers likes, comments, shares, or mentions something on your page

  • INSIGHTS – This is where you'll see how your page is performing – views, reach, reactions, posts, promotions (ads), audience demographics, and actions on your page

  • PUBLISHING TOOLS – This is where you can see all of your published and scheduled posts, videos, events and leads

  • SETTINGS – This is where you manage the backend of your page, from page admins to connecting apps and much more


Your content should vary and focus on your business. Users should showcase engaging videos, local events, area news and industry news as it pertains to your particular business. Save the cat videos and politics for your personal profile.


  • Post consistently

  • Ask questions

  • Invite your friends to like your page

  • Post high-quality images and videos

  • Cross promote your social channels (if applicable), website and blog (if applicable)

  • Engage with other industry professionals and local businesses and tag them using the @ symbol


  • Saturate your audience by posting too much

  • Automate your content...put in the time and effort! Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts should not all be the same

  • Post blurry photos, shaky videos, share content that doesn’t make sense/relates to your brand

  • Use hashtags on Facebook – hashtags are for Instagram and Twitter **this is my BIGGEST pet peeve

  • Put long links in your posts – shorten them by using or simply delete the link you just pasted and a preview will show up, depending on the website – this gives off a clean look


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