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Why All Businesses Should Give Back

One of the greatest things you can do in this world is give back to the communities you serve. There will never be a shortage of people, organizations and groups that need our help. Whether you’ve been touched by cancer, poverty, or a disability, there is someone out there that feels the same call to action as you. Giving back can be as easy as joining a nonprofit organization, hosting a fundraising event, or getting businesses on board to show their support. As companies decide whether or not they should give back to a charity or organization, they should keep in mind three things:

  1. Extensive Branding

When a business chooses to donate, it not only benefits the charity or nonprofit, but the business itself. Ex: sponsorship opportunities, fundraising challenges, events

  1. Customer Attraction

Actively supporting nonprofit organizations and charities is a great way to attract new customers. When people see the generosity of a business, it will give them more of a reason to support that specific business.

  1. Positive Morale

Having a company culture that supports charities and organizations enables a business to keep its employees longer and attract quality individuals in the future.

Ever since I was a kid, giving back has been a huge part of my life. When I was nine years old, I received unfortunate news that a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately, I was brainstorming ideas on how I could help her. My family was involved in various fundraising events, but I wanted to personally impact her life. After watching her lose her hair, I got the idea to donate mine to Locks of Love - a nonprofit organization that accepts donations of hair and money that creates wigs for children. Since my hair was nearly reaching my hip, I felt it was necessary to donate. After donating 12 inches, I told my friend about my donation and seeing her face light up really touched my heart. I felt that what I did mattered. Even just as a kid, I was impacting the world in a small way. That feeling was so powerful that I wanted to continue my mission of helping others.

Throughout elementary school to high school, I was involved with Feed My Starving Children, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and various community service events through my Girl Scout troop. Helping others was a huge passion of mine, and still is today. As a student at Coastal Carolina University, I continue to give back to the community. I joined a sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be involved in various philanthropy and community service events. Within my sorority, I work closely with Building Strong Girls and the American Cancer Society. I have been the team leader for our organization’s Relay For Life team - organizing events and helping my team reach our goal of raising over $15,000 last Spring.

Whether it be the feeling of accomplishment or empowerment, making connections with new people, being involved in healthy competition, or seeing the looks on the faces of those you are helping, it is a feeling you will never forget. So now, I encourage you to put yourself in my shoes and feel that spark I felt. Put yourself out there - help people, your community, the world, AND your business! There are thousands of amazing organizations you can support. One of these amazing organizations is Multiplying Good.

Multiplying Good is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on building and perfecting the community by improving and supporting our high school students. Through Multiplying Good’s main project, Students In Action, they are building the future leaders of the world through service and serving others. There are many different awards for athletes and scholars, but this is a way to reward students that participate in community service projects. When we educate our young people on the importance of helping others, we are creating brighter, kinder, and stronger individuals.

Students In Action gives these students service projects to learn essential leadership skills, teamwork, and networking opportunities while improving the lives of others. Just as these kids do, you can improve the lives of others by giving to Multiplying Good. It is never too late to make a positive impact in your community!

Donations can be made online at:

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