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Apples to Oranges: Why it’s Important to Hire a Marketing Professional

Your friend comes to you and says, “Hey, I recently visited a new local produce store, Apples. It’s great, check it out.” You go online, to either Google or Facebook and type in Apples produce store. Nothing. Facebook recommends a different produce store near you that is appropriately called Oranges. Intrigued, you click. Oranges has pictures of their inventory of fresh produce just brought in today, handpicked by the farm down the road. You were hoping to find more information about Apples, but you are hitting a dead end. Oranges, however, has great reviews, beautiful photos and is very responsive to comments and messages. Which one do you choose? We’re comparing Apples to Oranges here (pun intended). Do you think you’d seek out Apples now that you’ve found Oranges? We think not.

Brand awareness is everything. Having a marketing professional manage your social media channels puts you at the fingertips of people all over the globe. It’s not enough to rely on word-of-mouth or put an ad in your local newspaper these days. Business accounts on social media are the future of doing business. Having a digital marketing guru take your brand to the next level by increasing awareness, expanding your reach, and driving traffic to your website or store can result in exponentially increasing your business’s revenue.

Ever hear the saying, “It’s all in the details?” Well, it is. Professionals like Twelve31 Media are trained and experienced to give businesses the tools they need to be successful through strategic and creative social media management. A stronger online presence makes a business look approachable and easier to reach. We are exposed to so many platforms every day and it’s important that brands stand out and are easy to find. People are lazy and want answers now.

We see so many businesses trying to do 1,354,086 things at once. We get it. It's your business and you want 100% control over everything. Having someone take the weight off your shoulders to do the research, planning and development of content and manage your social media channels can be as simple as calling for a consultation and finding out what exactly your business needs. No one business is the same. Investing in professionals that are dedicated to your success allows you to focus on what YOU do best. We do marketing. Let us take your small business to the next level. 💪🏼

Give us a shout. We specialize in helping small businesses!

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